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    Everything love

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  2. From the land where beauty is deathly, the soil is wealthy
    Greed was fed and freedom shackled for stars beneath our feet,
    Under These skies, disguise lies despies wise lullabies
    We don’t look to heaven, we know hell, we are paradise
    distant voices of unsung heroes, remember visions of us as prophecies

    Did you know hope was heavy?
    light as pain,a schackled smile in the eyes of a child who’s heard so much beauty in the chaos she calls paradise
    Her kind of hope terrorizes fear back in the hands of hate 
    finding bouquets of massacres, petals of pain, lost souls, lost counts
    ours don’t sleep, they sing the truth of forgotten nightmares

    - Feza


  3. President Paul Kagame will be speaking tomorrow April 22 at Tufts University. Wednesday April 23 at Brandeis University and Friday April 24 at Stanford University… It is crucial for students and professors in these universities to voice their concerns about how these schools are inviting a known war criminal to speak on their campuses. Stay tuned for more actions tonight.

    DR Congo is the fulcrum of the African liberation, a free Congo means a free Africa. Speak out for the millions of Congolese who have been massacred these past 20 years and the millions of Congolese women who are being raped, just so the west can assure it’s access to strategic minerals and resources.

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  6. Study says activists in more danger as competition for natural resources intensifies, partly due to climate change

  7. Rwanda, 20 ans après : l’histoire truquée

  8. Who triggered the Rwandan Genocide ?


  9. my mama’s food. your voice. my bed.

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    Kirikou removes the thorn from Karaba’s back.

    Kirikou et la Sorcière (Kirikou and the Sorceress, 1998)


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    So important!

    my mom is in advanced stage of Alzheimer’s, it’s like having a 4 year old, she cant bathe, remember to eat, how to find things, where to go, basic functions of independence, and we have no money, only her disability, and options are to send her to puerto rico where cost of living is less expensive. all the folks we know in homes in PR have not lasted long. i know when we send her it will be only a few more years we have her here. 

    deciding to be your parent’s child and NOT their caretaker is a fucking hard decision, but one that a homie helped me understand and realize is the best mode for coping, healing, and mourning. homie said (and i paraphrase) “if you can, you want to be able to mourn your mom’s death not feel guilty that you are relieved she’s gone [bc caretaking responsibilities are over]”

    you are not alone homies caring for parents and elders.


  12. I miss you intensely.


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  14. "

    She is not “my girl.”

    She belongs to herself, and to all of the world. And I am blessed, for with all her freedom, she still comes back to me, moment-to-moment, day-by-day, and night-by-night.

    How much more blessed can I be?

    — Avraham Chaim, Thoughts after The Alchemist  (via naughtynicesugarspice)

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    Squatters, police clash in Rio de Janeiro; 5,000 evicted
    April 20, 2014

    Squatters in Rio de Janeiro clashed with police last week after a Brazilian court ordered the eviction of nearly 5,000 people from buildings they had occupied.

    More than 1,000 police officers arrived on Friday to move people out of the buildings and parking lot owned by the telecommunications company Oi. The move came amid preparations for the World Cup from June 12 to July 13.

    Some squatter families left peacefully, but many others fought police with rocks and Molotov cocktails and set fire to parts of a building, four buses and a police cruiser, police said. The vehicles of local TV stations were also attacked.

    Officers used tear gas, stun grenades and pepper spray to disperse the families.

    "When the police arrived, some of them asked us to remain calm but others started pushing us around," squatter Drielo Almeida told TV Globo’s G1 internet news portal. "Now I am crying because I have nowhere to go to. I have no place to live."

    Rodrigo Moreira said faced a choice of squatting or starving.

    "With the money I earn I could either pay rent or eat. That is why I came here," he told G1.

    Police spokesman Claudio Costa told the Globo TV network that the “eviction was successfully completed in three hours,” but that groups of people continued clashing with police in surrounding areas.

    During the clash, five police officers, three children and four squatters were injured and taken to nearby hospitals where they were treated for bruises and smoke inhalation and discharged.

    Costa said police detained more than 20 people, some for attacking police officers and others who tried to loot a supermarket and shops in nearby neighborhoods.

    The O Globo newspaper said its reporter Bruno Amorim who was covering the eviction was taken into custody but released hours later.

    Brazil correspondent Zoe Sullivan reported for Al Jazeera in January that 78 families’ homes in Camaragibe were appropriated by the municipal government to make way for an expanded urban transit hub set to serve international guests to the World Cup. Sustainable housing advocates around the globe have for decades blamed preparations for international sporting events for displacing locals, despite the promised — but often unrealized — economic benefits derived from injecting foreign capital into a local economy. China, by way of example, reportedly barred scores of Beijing residents from protesting land-grabs, and the resulting displacement, required to make way for new Olympic facilities.

    Photos via Reuters

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