1. The Cell OUT is a “digital moment of silence” starting at 12 noon on October 16th the Wednesday of Congo Week, to commemorate the millions of Congolese lives lost, raise awareness about the ongoing conflict in the Congo and the vicious scramble for Congo’s spectacular natural resources.

    For more info visit : www.TheCellOut.com ALSO www.FriendsoftheCongo.org
    What do I do during the Cell Out?

    1) TURN YOUR PHONE OFF for at least one hour starting at 12 noon on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2012. No texting!!!

    2) Change your voice mail to reflect the message below:
    "Did you know that Congo has an estimated 64 percent of the world’s reserve of Coltan, a natural resource that is central to the operation of our cell phones? As we benefit from Coltan millions of Congolese have died in the deadliest conflict since World War Two as a result of the scramble for Coltan and other minerals key to the functioning of modern technology. Join us in solidarity with the Congolese people and fast from your phone for at least an hour"

    3) Upon turning on your phone, text SIX of your friends and encourage them to join the global movement for justice in the Congo.

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